Benefits of deep tissue massage

When you are working a 9 to 5 job. Burning the midnight oil, trying to ace an exam. Such strenuous activities not only stress our mental state but also affect our physical well-being. A stressed-out person is on the verge of several health problems.  

A great way to unwind yourself after a stressful day or a week is by getting a nice massage. There are several kinds of massages in fashion nowadays. You might have heard about Asian massage techniques and acupuncture etc. In this article, we will focus on the benefits of deep tissue massage. We would also review a nice massage place for our readers at, Lithgow Lavender Massage. 

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Deep Tissue Massage 

If you are a massage enthusiast, you must be familiar with deep tissue massage. However, if you don’t know what deep tissue massage is, explain it a bit. Deep tissue massage is a massage technique where the masseuse uses hands and elbows to release chronic muscle tension. The pressure extends to the scar tissue and breaks the knots we feel in our muscles due to tension. 


Deep tissue massage is becoming fairly popular; here are a few benefits of this massage technique. 

Stress reliever  

Deep tissue massage is a great way to relieve stress. Deep tissue massage can help you unwind and relax whenever you feel stressed for a longer period.  

This massage technique lowers cortisol levels in the body which produces a soothing and relaxing effect.  

You would also feel physically unburdened and lighter after a massage.  

Lowers heart rate 

Our heart rate increases whenever we are under stress and anxiety. Deep tissue massage can lower our heart rate and blood pressure. It would also slow down our breathing rate. 

The overall experience is very relaxing, and it takes away all the stress and anxiety, and the person feels content.  

Managing scar tissue 

Scar tissue in our body leads to severe pain. Deep tissue massage efficiently manages scar tissue. Deep tissue massage breaks down the scar tissue build-up by improving the circulation in the lymphatic system.  

It is highly beneficial for people who had recent surgery.  

Managing arthritis  

Arthritis can be such a painful condition. Deep tissue massage can help people with arthritis by reducing its symptoms.  

Regular deep tissue massage for people helps patients sleep a lot better. It also helps reduce the pain and stiffness in joints and improves the motion in joints.  

Dealing with pregnancy 

Women in pregnancy feel the tension build up in their muscles. Women also go through several emotional states such as depression and anxiety. Additionally, there is severe back and joint pain.  

Deep tissue massage helps pregnant women manage all the painful symptoms of pregnancy. Most women feel better, both physically and emotionally, after the massage. 


Deep tissue massage has numerous advantages for all kinds of people. Especially, people suffering from specific muscular or joint pain feel significantly better after a massage.  

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